Trade Services

Our Services

Our own fully integrated cross-border trading platform delivers ‘one stop service’ for exporting into China. We provide value chain management services, including product registration, logistics, custom clearance, warehousing, payments, marketing and distribution to China.

1. OBOR Logistics to China

2. Product Registration in China

  • Photo, barcode, weight, ingredients, and other product information

3. Custom clearance and Quality Assurance

• Custom clearing service for products
• Quality control and management (sanitary certificate, non-GMO certificate, and more

4. Local Logistics and Warehousing in the FTZs and Bonded areas in China

• Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Guangxi, Zhuhai

5. Payment Gateway

  •  Our CM CrossPay – fast and secure cross-border payment and foreign exchange settlement between RMB and 15 currencies

6. Marketing and Distribution

• Laodian – our own cross border e-commerce platform
• Massive distribution channels in China